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Accounting Management

We aim to delivers a series of powerful Professional Practical Skills Development Training programs and career opportunities essential to driving results in management systems, strategic initiatives, motivations, understanding of implementation of core business processes for performance improvement. Training is a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your skills meet the expectations of companies and can get good business development environment.


Develop ERP Software for small and Medium size companies for proper management of accounts, finance, material, finished Goods, Payroll, Employees performance valuation methods, verification of all business transaction invoices and timely report to top Management

1.          Customization Setting

2.          Enterprise Structure

3.          General Ledger

4.          Accounts Payable

5.          Accounts Receivable

6.          Assets & Treasury Management

7.          ABC Costing

8.          Internal Order

9.          Purchase Process

10.      Inventory Management

11.      Costing (Unit & Batch) l CGS 

12.      INCO Terms l Payment Terms

13.      Vendor Evaluation and Rating

14.      Invoice Verification

15.      Bill of Material and MRP

16.      Integration with Logistics Execution

17.      Integration with  Sales &Distribution

18.      Integration with Material Management

18.         Financial Statements Preparation

19.         Demand Management(DM)

20.         Shop Floor Control& Performance Management

21.         Operating and Petty Expenses Management

22.         Production & Overhead Cost Management

23.         Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

24.         SOP l DRP

25.         Organizational Management

26.         Recruitment Time Management

27.         Management Personnel Cost

28.         Payroll& Benefits Calculation

29.         FAM & Internal Audit

30.         NAM (New Accounting Modeling)

31.         AGP  & PIFRA Standards and Policies

32.         IFRS & International Accounting Principal

33.         Project Handling (Funds Management)

34.         Budgeting l Forecasting l GL l FS clef

35.         Reporting