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Business Process

Business Process Management (BPM) focuses on improving operational performance by optimizing a company’s business processes – it is therefore also described as process management and/or process improvement. The BPM landscape consists of several streams, such as business process design, which sets out to define the ‘to-be’ situation and model process flow and activities to support the blueprint, and business process re-engineering (BPR), which re-designs the entire process cycle, commonly performed to reduce inefficiencies, complexity or inefficient legacy ways of working. Continuous improvement techniques aimed at systematically removing waste from processes, such as Lean, Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma, form another major part of BPM projects, and although they originated and for long flourished in industrial sectors; such as automotive and manufacturing, lean principles nowadays are applied across industries, and expert consultants (or certified advisors) are frequently hired to facilitate such transitions.