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Problem Identification

Our youth have good education, potential and talent to do good work but unfortunately they are facing big problem of unemployment, they need job or business opportunities for bright future, but can’t get their desire job, because due to lack of Professional practical experience, knowledge about any accounting software (Post all General Entries, Invoices, Documents, Financial Statements, Audit & Reporting) on ERP System Implementation as Multinational Companies need for job.
In international market, companies prefers to Indian or other foreigners for job than Pakistanis, this is what we have no good access in MNCs in foreign countries. Our mostly youth have no standardized technical abilities due to which they are bound to do job on low level. Only Degrees are not enough to perform jobs unless practical work, they need proper quality training under supervision of seniors, who can deliver good practical skills, increase work strength, management and international communication skills.
Second Most prominent problem is selection of training. Different MNCs use SAP l Oracle ERP System software. They need professionals who can work on these systems easily. Here students get confuse about training which is best for them, SAP Training is high costly which is not affordable for middle class students. To solve this problem we have design training in technical stratifies which enable students to work on SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic and other ERP Systems.

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan. If we want to come in list of developed countries and increase employment, we must have to adopt advanced development educational technology strategies, merge practical and theoretical education under umbrella of senior officials of domestic and foreign companies to develop our country and create jobs & Businesses.

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