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Professional Development Trainings

Why Professional Development Training is Important for Students and Companies

Institute Background (Expertise on Following Business)

  • Manufacturing (Textile l Beverage) l  Trading/Warehouse (Food l Rice l Sugar l Scrap l  Footballs l
  • Logistics/ Shipping (Kuwait l UAE l Europe l Asia) & Customs Clearance)

Key Features of Training:

  • Companies ask logical questions in interview, what you can do for us. How you will? What special skills you have to make yourself different from others? Here students become speechless to answer.
  • Student has to learn Professional practical knowledge form real industrial data to be qualified for job.
  • Visit & Internship in MNCs to understand how to perform job on SAP Accounting Software with Standards.
  • Participate in ERP Implementation & Consultancy Projects in Large Companies with seniors to get experience.
  • All Multinational Companies need Professional experience or Authorized Training for job.
  • SAP German Certification is only require for Consultant not for Front End User Job. (Ref. Confirm from MNCs)

Delopment Consultancy to Companies l Educational Organizations & Professional Training

 Finance/Account Dept. Core Curriculum of ERP Technology l SAP ECC & SAP Business One ( Basic & Management Level)
       GL          AP       AR Purchase Sales Store/Warehouse          Audit
 Enterprise Structure   Supervision & Approval of Approval for Funds Customer Storage Condition   Standards
Integration Vendors Customers Vendor (Domestic) Inquiry Raw Material Tools
Fiscal Year Procurement Bids Vendor (Foreign) Quotation Stock Receive    Procedures
Posting Period LOI l Contract Inquiry/Quotation      Tenders Order Stock Issue Documents
Chart of Account Inquiry/RFQ Quotation  Procurement Procedure FCO l Auctions Stock Balance Invoices
Account Group Demand/PO  Pro-forma Invoice  RFQ Contract Material Invoice Entries
Creation GL Account                   Executions Inquiry INTOCERMS BOM Adjustments
Document No. Range Pricing FCO Purchase Order Contract Delivery Terms INTOSAI
Tolerance Inco-terms Delivery Terms INCOTERMS Shipping Finished Goods AGP
Post Entries Payment Terms POF Contract l LOI Customs Goods Issue FAM
Cost Centre l Element LC LC Source List GST Goods Receive GAAS
Payroll & Pay-slip Down Payment Advance payment Excise Duty l VAT Payment terms Warehouse & QC


ABC l MRP l SOP Stock verification Tax I GST Payment Terms  LC QC SOP
Depreciation Chart Purchase Invoice Sales Invoice Inventory invoice Approval of Fund Spoiled goods MRP
Reconciliation Credit Memo Credit Invoice BOM Export Procedure Gate Pass DRP
Recurring, Accruals Tax/VAT  Incoming Payment Set Tolerance Debit Memo Loading (Cross D.) Cash
          Bank Excise Duty Clearing Import Procedure Billing Picking Balances
House Bank Set Tolerance Free Sampling Purchase Return Sales Return Packing Verification
Online Transaction Purchase return Loss/Bed Debts     Logistics Invoice




Yard Management Internal Orders
Treasury or Loan Payment to vendor Reminder Letters Container Work Orders
Worksheet Assets Planning Foreign Exchange Rate Recovery Shipment HR t
Financial Statements Reporting Reporting Reporting Reporting Reporting Report

Level of Training: FRONT END USER for Multinational & Medium Size Companies in Pak & Foreign

Credit Hours: 310hr for SAP ECC (GL l AP l AR l Sales l Purchase l Warehouse l Internal Audit l HR)

Credit Hours: 200hr for SAP Business One (Accounts l Administration l Sales l Purchase l Inventory l MRP l HR l Logistics)