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Sales & Marketing



New Product Commercialization

In consideration of fast-changing consumer demand, the need for an agile and efficient commercialization process is critical to success.


As innovation and product lifecycle management challenges and solutions have evolved, so has our approach. We help consumer products companies capitalize on innovation and drive revenue by establishing formal, yet flexible new product commercialization models.

A reimagined lifecycle for conception to commercialization can maximize new product commercialization launch success.


  • New Product Commercialization Strategy
  • Governance Strategies
  • Agile Supply Chain Strategies for New Products


Institutionalize a process and governance structure that is repeatable, yet flexible around new product commercialization process.


  • New Product Commercialization Process Design
  • Cross-Functional Change Management
  • Organizational Effectiveness & Communication


New product commercialization launches success relies on the focus and delivery of a cross-functional team.


  • PMO & Governance
  • SKU Rationalization
  • Packaging and Labeling Redesign

Pricing Strategy

An underlying marriage of art and science in pricing decisions can defy traditional boundaries in growth and profitability.


A change in pricing strategy is not an event, it’s a process. Working with your retailers is part of that process. We help consumer product companies with pricing strategy, execution, and the establishment of a sustainable process, to find the right combination of price and promotion, to get the desired shelf-price that drives purchase behaviors, category growth, and profitability.


Collecting an integrated fact base, addressing shopper and consumer preferences, retailer behavior, and alignment to internal strategies, sets the stage for pricing resets.


  • Price Elasticity Study
  • SKU Price Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis


Understanding and applying both the art and science of pricing decisions will drive growth and profitability, while evaluating competitor, customer, and consumer response.


  • Base vs. Incremental Pricing Strategy
  • Retail Collaboration
  • Price Optimization and Analytics

The activation of a new pricing strategy is achieved with flawless customer execution.

  • Retail Sell-In Strategies
  • Field Sales Training & Activation
  • Communication Planning

Trade Promotion

A comprehensive view of trade management and optimization opens a path to retail collaboration and mutually profitable growth.



Our approaches in trade promotions from strategy to execution helps consumer products companies optimize their promotional spend and drive profitable sales growth.


By building a comprehensive trade strategy which aligns with your organizational goals, you can differentiate your products in the retail setting.


  • Trade Promotion Management Transformation Strategy
  • Trade Promotions Business Case Development
  • TPO Transformation Roadmap


Organizations can sustain positive effects with a comprehensive trade strategy which accounts for the impacts to people, processes, and policies.


  • Trade Business Process Redesign
  • Organizational Alignment
  • KPI and Reporting Capabilities


Having a reliable foundation in place with supporting trade systems and trade promotion management tools, enables trade spend transformation success.


  • Trade Promotion Technology Selection & Implementation
  • Trade Promotion Systems & Trade Promotion Management Tools Optimization
  • Program and Project Management
  • Master Data Governance