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SAP Customer Relationship Management on ECC 6.5/HANA

    • Customer Relationship Management has become a crucial part of any successful business. On the one hand CRM means technological component software – that is capable of executing all necessary business processes in the area of marketing, sales and service. On the other hand CRM is becoming a strategy – not to say a philosophy – more and more. It is not only the cheapest price of a product that satisfies a customer. Good marketing and accommodating after-sales service are also very important factors.
    • SAP CRM is a product that helps managing customer data. It can be customized in a way that every employee of a company has access (only) to the data relevant to him. CRM can also help developing and managing (online-) marketing campaigns: Offers can be personalized for every customer, giving him the feeling that the company really cares about him/her. Additionally, SAP CRM can be used by the complaints department. It can be connected to call-centers, so that employees have access to the relevant data of a customer while talking to him on the phone. Even field workers can make use of a CRM system by accessing relevant customer data via portable devices.
    • SAP CRM is, obviously, a very powerful tool that is used in many different areas throughout a company. Thus, for those that are keen on entering e.g. the areas marketing and sales, skills in working with SAP CRM are extremely valuable. Additionally, the demand for specialized CRM consultants is becoming higher and higher as well, making this a promising possibility for a future career.


  • Training Curriculum:


SAP CRM WebClient User Interface

    • WCUI-Business Rules
    • WCUI-Navigation Bar
    • WCUI-Architecture
    • WCUI-Configuration
    • WCUI-Extensibility Tool and Component Enhancement Concept


    • Basics
    • Analytics
    • Marketing
    • Web Channel and Partner Channel Management
    • Sales (includes SAP ERP)
    • Interaction Center
    • Services

SAP CRM Customizing

    • Business Partners (includes SAP ERP)
    • Organizational Management (includes SAP ERP)
    • Product Master (includes SAP ERP)
    • Transaction Processing
    • Activity Management
    • Partner Processing
    • Actions
    • Pricing
    • Billing (includes SAP ERP)

CRM Middleware

    • SAP CRM Architecture
    • Data Exchange with SAP ERP
    • SAP CRM Middleware Operations
    • Error Handling, Troubleshooting, and Data Integrity



  • Credit Hours: 120 Hours for Foundation Level l 140 Hours for Intermediate Level l 160 Hours for Management Level.


    • Eligibility: B.Com l BBA l ACCA l MBA l M.Com l MS
    • Training Methods: Online l Instructor Led Training
    • Certification: SAP (Authorized Partner) l Sapience Consulting (Pvt) Ltd.


  • Work Experience: One Year for Intermediate Level l 3 Years for Management Level. Fresh for Foundation Level.
  • Level of Training: Foundation l Intermediate l Management
  • Research: Decided and given by Company:
  • Case Studies: Decided and given by Company:
  • Training Outcomes/Benefits of Training:


  • SAP CRM – WebClient User Interface
  • SAP CRM – Basics
  • SAP CRM – Analytics
  • SAP CRM – Marketing
  • SAP CRM – Sales
  • SAP CRM – Services
  • SAP CRM – Web Channel and Partner Channel Management
  • SAP CRM – Interaction Center
  • SAP CRM Customizing
  • CRM Middleware
  • Industries: our training curriculum has designed in such a way which covers following Industries type, which is easier for students to understand workflow structure of all departments and get good practical work experience.


Manufacturing (Textile l Food l Beverage l Non-Food l Vehicles l Chemicals l Pharma) l Trading l Financial l Sales l Warehouse l Transportation l IT l Services l Banking.


  • Area of Expertise: Marketing l Pricing l Sales Strategies l Management
  • Job level: Entry l Mid l Management Level.


    • Professional Skills: Communication l MS-Office l SAP l Oracle l Dynamics l Advance Excel l Presentation Skills l Good Confidence Level.


  • Standards: IAS l GAAP l GAAS I FAM I INTOSAI


    • Trainers/Instructors: Senior (R) SAP Consultants (Siemens) l Senior Officials from Multinational Companies, who deliver outstanding Professional Training according to their massive level of International Knowledge which leads students to highest level of success.
    • Examiner: Senior SAP Consultants l Official of Multinational Companies.


  • Job Duties & Responsibilities:


  • All other Job Deities will said to students during Training and Internship in MNCs
  • Able to perform major job description during training, and Trainers/Instructors also guide how to prepare professional CV/Resume, Cover Letter, Experience Letter, important tips for Job Interview.
  • Multinational Companies guide students about job performance and worth of Professional Training while Internship.