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SAP ERP Training

SAP Training

Sapience Consulting is an independent, niche consulting Company specializing in digital transformation and ERP systems expertise for mid- to large-sized private- and public-sector organizations worldwide. One-hundred percent technology agnostic and independent of vendor affiliation, Panorama offers a phased and integrated top-down strategic alignment approach and/or a bottom-up tactical execution, enabling each client to achieve its own, unique business transformation objectives by transforming their people, processes and technology challenges to successfully implement change. Panorama’s services include: Digital Strategy, Organizational Assessment, ERP Selection, ERP Implementation, Change Management, Human Capital Management, IT Staffing, Business Process Management, Business Process Re engineering, Value Stream Mapping, M&A Integration, Project Auditing, Project Recovery and Software Expert Witness Testimony.

Being in the industry for over a decade, we realized that the knowledge and skills of SAP consultants play a critical role in successful project implementation. When we started our career, our biggest challenge was the lack of guidance. Challenges forced us to take greater efforts to move ahead and meet the deadline. Our efforts were suitably rewarded by our clients.

The rewards and awards inspired us to start to help SAP professionals to move ahead on rewarding SAP journey. Our SAP training includes coaching and mentoring.

Our Virtual SAP Training is designed with a focus on practical aspect. You learn the theoretical concepts and the ways to manage challenges while working on projects. We give free server access to practice your topic. We offer both SAP technical as well as SAP functional training.

You will find here SAP training videos, online training, corporate training, java online training, Microsoft online training, Microsoft classroom training, Oracle online training, and much more.

Our SAP training are global standard training. All the course ware is designed under the guidance of subject matter experts who have been in business for over a decade. We take a lot of efforts to add real value to our students. If you are a fresher, just join hands with us. We will give you all the knowledge and help you effectively work on live projects.

When you join hands with us, training is not the only thing that you will get. We are into consulting, business solutions and IT services. We can be your one point support for all your SAP related challenges.

We come in the picture here. We have designed a range of corporate SAP training looking at the challenges of specific domains. Our SAP trainers have decade long experience in their domains. We are a leading corporate training provider and consulting company. Our services are business-driven and competitive. Our clients have been efficiently managing cost and timeline with our support over the years.

When you contact us for upgrading your consultants’ skills, our SAP specialists visit your team and carry out training needs analysis by discussing the challenges with the consultants working on the project. After detailed discussion with the consultants and the management, they identify the skill gaps and design a training program. The customized training program was then delivered by a SAP specialist having expertise in that particular domain. The trainer remains with your team for the period as decided and conduct the training to address those challenges. Our trainers won’t leave your team until your consultants gain a hold on the solutions.

Throughout our history, we have been expanding our SAP corporate trainings and capitalizing on evolving management trends and upgraded technologies for the benefits of our customers. We are a cutting edge SAP corporate training service provider. We offer a number customized corporate training to clients across the globe. You can count on us for identifying your SAP related challenges and design an appropriate training program for your consultants. Our experts are competent enough to help your consultants to enhance their skills and help your company to move ahead on a growth path. Several of top MNCs have made us a most favored partner for their corporate training programs.

Our SAP training programs address skill gaps in particular domains. As you know IT industry is highly dynamic and continuously evolving in terms technology and market requirements. Hence, there is always a skill gap in the industry. Companies continuously need to upgrade the skills of their workforce. Therefore, we focus on the practical aspect of the topic. Once your employees are through with the training, they find themselves on a higher level. They become ready to work in a team and help the company to achieve its objectives.

Our SAP training is offered by the experts who have been in business for over a decade. Their hands-on SAP experience makes them one of the best trainers in the world. We are providing corporate training across the globe for all kinds SAP projects and company’s requirements.

Look at some of the prime features of our training program.

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