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SAP ERP Trainings

What is SAP?

SAP is a software system that unites internal and external management information covers a whole organization. It embraces finance, manufacturing, CRM, sales, and service, etc. SAP automates these activities with an integrated software application. The purpose of SAP is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the company and manage the connections to outside stakeholders.

Major Advantages of SAP:

The major benefit of SAP is that integrating the multiple processes by which companies operate saves time and cost. Decisions can be made more rapidly and with fewer errors. Data becomes visible across the business. Tasks that benefit from this integration include:

SAP eliminates the need to synchronize changes between multiple systems—consolidation of finance, marketing and sales, human resource, and manufacturing applications

  • SAP empowers standard product naming/coding.
  • It provides a comprehensive enterprise view. They get real–time information available to management anywhere, anytime to make proper decisions.
  • It protects sensitive data by consolidating multiple security systems into a single structure.

What is SAP ERP System?

ERP is an abstraction of Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP helps an enterprise or an organization or a company to run its business effectively by planning its resources efficiently. These resources may be material, human resources or services. SAP ERP integrates many business functions of a company to reduce the need for unnecessary or duplicate data entry. SAP ERP stores all the projects and business features that the users perform in its database. Eventually, all this information helps in making better business decisions in the form of a vast number of standard reports available.

Which SAP Module to Choose?

Now comes the critical question. After understanding all the information about SAP for beginners mentioned above and you have decided to choose for SAP as a career but you are still confused which SAP module you should choose.

  1. Best SAP Module Suitable to Your Educational Background

Your educational background should help you in selecting and opting for the SAP module in your future career. Your educational background makes it simpler for you to know the business processes and other features of the area which you have been learning during your academic years. The educational aspect is important in thinking how to choose SAP module.

  • If you have majored in Accounting, then SAP Financials (FI) Module should do the trick for you.
  • If you have been studying Managerial Accounting, CIMA, CA, ACCA, CPA, CFA, CMA then SAP Controlling (CO) strongly recommended.
  • If you have been examining Supply Chain Management with Inventory Management, Storage techniques, Procurement and Logistics, then SAP MM (Materials Management) would be suitable.
  • If your majors are in Marketing, Sales Management, Distribution techniques, Channel Management, then SAP Sales & Distribution (SD)module should ideally be your preference.
  • If you have an Engineering background, then SAP Production Planning (PP) and SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM) will support your academics.
  • If you have been studying Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Statistics, Total Quality Management, then SAP Quality Management (SAP QM) will suffice your career in the said module.
  • If you have been studying Organizational Management, Comparative Management, Human Resource and Personnel Management, then SAP HCM module will be your option.
  • If you have been studying in a database, computer programming, and network administration have been your interests and educational background, then NetWeaver SAP BASIS, SAP ABAP should be your first preference.


  1. SAP Module that Depending on Your Interests

We learn a selection of your SAP module based on the educational aspect if you wish to build your career in SAP implementation and consultancy.

You can also opt for any SAP module even if it doesn’t have any connection with your degree or educational background. If you wish to go with a module in which you don’t have a support of your academics education, and you still have an interest in it, please go for it. At the end of the day, business process understanding and user interaction and handling are all that counts.

  1. Basic Understanding of Business Processes

Before you choose for any module, it is advisable to gain generic Business Process Understanding. If you have industry specific business process knowledge, then it’s nothing but a value addition.