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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management (SCM) consultants aim at streamlining a business’ supply-side activities across the full value chain, spanning from production to logistics (inbound/outbound) and warehousing to customer delivery. Key offerings include optimizing the supply side of Sales & Operations Planning, enhancing the accuracy of planning (e.g. demand planning, forecasting), manufacturing operations improvement, logistics optimization (e.g. network design, transport modes), inventory management and managing operations risk. The latter area spans all non-compliance-driven efforts (which sit within Financial Advisory) aimed at minimizing the risk of supply chain failures to normal business operations. Key activities include the assessment of gross operating risk, the development of operations risk mitigation plans, scenario modeling, and the development of frameworks to automate responses to operations disruptions.


One of the major growth areas in Supply Chain Management consulting is sustainability in light of the growing value attached to corporate social responsibility, companies are investing significantly in boosting the ecological footprint of their operations. Supply chain consultants typically work downstream of research & development (e.g. product development, marketing) and upstream of sales and post-sale activities (e.g. sales, customer service)